Can Leroy Sané Take Host Germany to a EURO 2024 Title?

It’s insane how people aren’t taking Leroy Sané more seriously during the lead-up to the EURO 2024 tournament hosted by Germany. As one of the top players of the German national team, his participation should be instrumental to a German tournament win, right?

Can Leroy Sané Take Germany to a EURO 2024 Title?

This doesn’t look like the case for Sané. Despite Sane’s insane dribbling ability and change of pace speed that allows him field maneuverability, he won’t be leaving any EURO 2024 players in the dust anytime soon.

  • Sent off for Pushing in November: During a 2-0 friendly loss match in November 2023, Sane ended up pushing Philip Mwene of Austria intentionally to the ground, leading to a disappointing 2023 for Germany all-in-all. This unsportsmanlike conduct has grave implications for EURO 2024.
  • Leroy Sane is Now M.I.A.: Leroy Sane will be missing in action for the upcoming European Championship tournament despite Germany being a host for the festivities due to his significant act of aggression, thus ruining the host nation’s preparations for the event.
  • A Waste of Promise and Potential: Leroy is right up there with Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo as among the top best active players in the league. He might even miss out on Ronaldo’s final international games or matches in the tournament thanks to his ban.
  • How Good is Leroy Sane? Leroy Sane is insanely good. Aside from his pacing abilities and dribbling prowess, he’s also one of the highest paid players in the world today. The German footballer debuted for Schalke 04 back in 2014 then became part of Manchester City in 2016 for a £37 million fee. He’s that hugely valued.
  • Does the Punishment Fit the Crime? For the most part, people have accepted Leroy’s punishment and have moved on. It’s particularly the case with Hansi Flick, who nominated five debutants for the German national team as they prepare for matches against Belgium and Peru.
  • Other Missing Key Players: Aside from Leroy Sane, the other missing key players of Germany include Antonio Rudiger and Jonas Hofmann. This is a huge blow for the host country of EURO 2024 because the trio played significant roles in the 2022 World Cup.
  • Banned from Germany’s Next Three Games: Because of the heat of the moment, Leroy has ended up banned for the next international games for shoving Mwene. This is a major blow to Germany’s championship ambitions for EURO 2024.

Indeed, Leroy Aziz Sané is one of the top German national team players and serves as Bundesliga club Bayern Munich’s winger. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be in light of the latest developments that has happened just this January 2024.