What Country Has The Most EURO Championships?

The home court advantage and automatic bidding of EURO 2024 host Germany should help it at least perform superbly throughout the tournament of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) league, if not become EURO champions altogether.

However, it’s not that simple. Sure, they won’t be fighting against the qualifying national teams from all over Europe in any Away games (they’re all in 10 venues within Germany). However, they haven’t won the EUROs since 1996.

Which Countries Have The Most EURO Championships Though?

• Germany and Spain are the Winningest Teams: In the history of the EURO tournament by UEFA, the most “winningest” national teams are Spain and Germany. They’re among the most successful EURO champions in EURO history, with them winning it three times a piece. If Germany wins EURO 2024, they’ll have one EURO win over Spain.

• France and Italy as well as Everyone Else: As for the second most successful EURO champions, that’s both Italy and France. They each have two EURO wins. There are then six other national teams that have won the EUROs once—Portugal, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union.

• The Uncrowned Kings of the EUROs: The biggest almost-wins of EURO history include England, Belgium, and Yugoslavia. The three countries and their national teams have qualified for the final but stopped short of winning against EURO champions. In basketball terms, they’re the Utah Jazz of the EUROs back in the Nineties.

• Will Germany Triumph with 4 EUROs? The former EURO champions and 2014 World Cup winners have an undoubtedly solid team—arguably the best in the world—but in UEFA European Championship terms, they’ve had a championship drought since 1996 despite tying with Spain as the winningest champions in UEFA history.

• What about The Other Potential Winners? Among the most promising teams are France as headed by Kylian Mbappe. France has two wins and is tied with Italy. If it wins the EURO 2024, it then raises itself on the level of Spain and Germany. England is also gunning to get its first EURO win since forever as an uncrowned king.

• Portugal’s Legendary Ace: The sport legend Cristiano Ronaldo is gunning for giving his home country Portugal glory by helping them win a second EURO and putting them on the same pedestal as France and Italy. This is an important tournament for Ronaldo as well, because it might be his last set of international matches.

Germany, including when it was known as West Germany, has won three EURO championships, which is equal to what Spain has won. As hosts of EURO 2024, the tournament is their best bet at becoming the country with the most EURO championships instead of sharing a tie of championships with their fiercest rival Spain.

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